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BioLite Series

Suprema BioLite series are the World's smallest IP fingerprint terminal with access control & time attendance features. With its rugged IP65-rated waterproof structure, BioLite offers exceptional durability in extreme conditions and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environment. BioLite also packs renowned Suprema's biometric technology with simplicity and exceptional value for your budget. All the advanced features resides in a compact and slim design and its user-friendly interfaces allow ease of use and maintenance.


BioLite NET BioLite Solo Materials

Biolite Net
Outdoor Fingerprint IP Terminal


Main features

Powerful 400MHz DSP
Powered by 400MHz DSP, the BioLite delivers fast matching speed, rapid response and exceptionally low error rate. This powerful processor is capable of handling fast and accurate fingerprint matching process, and ensures uninterrupted device operation.

Intelligence at Doors
With powerful internal CPU and comprehensive communication interfaces, BioLite Net provides both reader and controller functionalities at the door. In addition, it can also control door locks with its built-in door relay or through external relay unit. This concept not only reduces your cost for the entire system by removing costly access control panels, but also improves system stability by eliminating single point of failure that affect whole system.

Suprema Algorithm
At the core of every Suprema access control device, the world’s most powerful fingerprint algorithm assures unrivaled speed and accuracy. Recognized by FVC¹and NIST MINEX Test², Suprema Algorithm has been proven to be one of the most sophisticated technology in biometrics industry. ¹ FVC: International competition focused on fingerprint verification software assessment. ² MINEX Test: Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test by US Government’s NIST.

IP-to-the-door Concept -Flexible & Cost-saving Solution
Featuring IP-based system topology, BioLite Net's IP access control system offers extra flexibility in designing your security system while reducing cost on installation & maintenance. Compare to conventional access control system, IP access control provides lower cost per door with less wiring and utilization of existing network infrastructure. For use in single and remote location without network, BioLite Solo offers excellent biometric security for your budget.

IP65-rated Waterproof Structure
BioLite's body structure has been comprehensively sealed against invasive moisture, dust and liquid. Featuring superb IP65-rated protection, its meticulous sealing, combined with extra protective engineering, ensures faultless operation under outdoor installation. BioLite also features illuminated keypads, LCD back light and LED indicator for excellent visibility in harsh conditions.

Versatile Interfaces - extra flexibility
BioLite allows flexible system design and cost advantage with comprehensive communication interfaces and relays such as TCP/IP, RS485 and Wiegand. In addition, it provides multiple in/out relays to offer extra flexibility. For further expansion, optional external relay unit is also available.

Technical Specifications for BioLite NET

Memory 8 MB flash, 16MB RAM
Fingerprint Sensor 500 DPI Optical Sensor
Identification Speed 2,000 matches in 1 sec
RF Card Options Mifare (13.56 MHz), EM(125 KHz)
Template Capacity 5,000 fingerprints (10,000 templates)
Authentication Finger / PIN / Card
Log Capacity 50,000 events
Ingress Protection IP65 class
Interfaces TCP/IP, RS485, 1 channel Wiegand
  2 x TTL Inputs, 1 x Relay
LCD 128 X 64 pixel, black and white
Sound Multi color LED and multi tone buzzer
Operating Temp. - 20°C ~ 50°C
Operating Voltage 12vDC
Dimensions (mm) 80(W) x 185(H) x 40(D)

Biolite SOLO
Standalone Outdoor Fingerprint IP Terminal


Main features

Complete standalone operation without PC connection
Outdoor spec with waterproof and weatherproof (IP65)
Graphic LCD and keypad for user friendly interface
Built-in relay and switch input for direct lock interface
Optional external relay unit for secure door control
Compact, slim and elegant design

Technical Specifications for BioLite SOLO

Fingerprint Sensor 500 DPI Optical Sensor
Identification Speed less than 1 sec
RF Card Options Mifare (13.56 MHz), EM(125 KHz)
Template Capacity 200 users (2 fingerprints per user)
Authentication Fingerprint / PIN / Fingerprint + PIN
Log Capacity 50,000 events
Internal Relay deadbolt, EM Lock, door strike, automatic door
LCD 128 X 64 pixel, black and white
Keypad 3 X 4 keypad, 3 navigation keys
Operating Temp. - 20°C ~ 50°C
Operating Voltage 12vDC
Dimensions (mm) 60(W) x 185(H) x 40(D)

The following are available for download

Download Brochure
Suprema BioLite NET

Download Manual
Suprema BioLite NET

Download Firmware
Suprema BioLite NET


Download Brochure
Suprema BioLite Solo

Download Manual
Suprema BioLite Solo

Download Firmware
Suprema BioLite Solo


Important Notes: All firmware and software is available by request only. All downloads are provided for the latest version of software or firmware compatible with the serial number of the unit provided. All downloads require a serial number in warranty to be provided.

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