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4G V-Flex

Fingerprint Identification terminal in a compact design for physical access control

- Flush or recess mounted
- Remote device management
- IP connectivity (LAN, WAN, PoE enabled)
- Optional integrated card readers (Prox, iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire)

Features Specification Materials

Need a compact device but still require strong biometric capabilities and deployment flexibility?
4G V-Flex™ is the right solution for you. A variety of models are available to address a wide range of deployment scenarios, from small template requirements to scaling up to address 500,000 templates or virtually an unlimited number of users with smart cards..

Features at a Glance

Flush or recess mounted
Remote device management
IP connectivity (LAN, WAN, PoE enabled))
Optional integrated card readers (Prox, iCLASS or MIFARE/DESFire)

Technical Specification for 4G V-Flex  
Network /Communication Options Ethernet (TCP/IP) and RS485;
PC Connection USB
Input/Outputs Option for Wiegand in/out (customizable 
format up to 512 bits), 3 General Purpose 
  Inputs, 3 General Purpose Output
Duress Finger Option Available
Integrated Door Relay Details 30V DC @1A Deadbolt, electromagnetic 
(EM) lock, door strike, automatic door
Authentication Options Finger only, Card + Finger
Internal Card Reader Options Prox or iClass/MIFARE/DESFire
Audio Supports. wav custom files
Template Storage Capacity 25,000 in 1:1 authentication mode
5,000 in 1:N identification mode
Transaction Log Capacity 1 Million  transaction logs stored on device
Power Supply 12 to 24V 
DC Current Draw 500mA @12 VDC
Dimensions (H)(W)(D) Recessed Mounted 159 X 96 X 48 mm / 6.27" X 3.80" X 1.89"
Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C; 32°F to 140°F
Regulatory Approvals & Certifications FCC, CE, R&TTE, RoHS
Administration Software Options SecureAdmin LiteTM Software or Secure SDK

The following are available for download

Download Brochure
Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex

Download Manual
Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex

Download Firmware
Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex


Important Notes: All firmware and software is available by request only. All downloads are provided for the latest version of software or firmware compatible with the serial number of the unit provided. All downloads require a serial number in warranty to be provided.

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