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Biometrics are physical or behavioral characteristics unique to an individual, such as a finger or palm print, iris pattern or face image. Because each individual has unique biometric data, solutions based on biometrics offer a better and more accurate means of ensuring program integrity. By matching patterns of individuals against databases of records, our customers are better able to protect and secure citizens from crime and theft made possible by fraudulent identities.

MyKad Visitor Management System

The myKad VMS™ uses a smartcard reader that reads Malaysian Identity Cards. Simply plug the myKad Smartcard reader device to the computer USB port, install the software and there you go, ready for the kind of Visitor Management that you always wanted to have.


eFinger Time Management System

e-finger™ system is optimised and priced for mass utilisation with minimum maintenance.     e-finger™ includes Windows® based software packaged to manage Time & Attendance data. The fingerprint device captures and compare live finger with template to verify specific person.


eFinger Visitor Management System

The BKsoft MyKad VMS™ is designed to automate and track visitors into a guarded area or compound such as Factories, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Condominium, Apartments etc. It will record movement of visitors entering or exiting a check point. .


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