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Photovoltaic Modules

ISOFOTON’s photovoltaic modules are manufactured and developed using state-of-the-art materials under the strictest quality control standards. The modules are tested and certified by the most prestigious national and international laboratories. ISOFOTON has developed Mono and Multi-crystalline High Efficiency cells over its more than 30 years of experience thanks to the work and commitment of its entire team.

Our High-Efficiency photovoltaic modules come encapsulated in micro-textured glass that enhances the capture of light during low sunlight hours (dusk and dawn). A robust aluminum frame coupled with a state-of-the-art connection box and an innovative PCB (Printed Circuit Board) strings interconnection system guarantee long-term efficiency and durability.

Our product range featuring power output ranges between 150 and 260W offer solutions spanning small isolated installations up to rural electrification projects, canopy installations or large solar farms. White, black or transparent finish allows us to meet our clients’ needs by offering aesthetically versatile solutions.

The following are available for download

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Monocrystalline Module ISF 150
Monocrystalline Module ISF 225
Monocrystalline Module ISF 250 black
Monocrystalline Module ISF 255

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PV User Guide

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Isofoton Warranty
Isofoton Certificatons


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Photovoltaic Modules
ISOFOTON Mono and Multi-crystalline High Efficiency cells with more than 30 years of experience t


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