Panasonic Iris Recognition

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Panasonic BM-ET330

The BM-ET330 combines high precision, faster iris recognition and flexible system architecture for state-of-the art personal identification

This multi-functional camera includes a guide indication and voice guidance in 14 languages to make the recognition simple and speedy. The easy operation allows for the settings, registrations, updates and information confirmation to be controlled through a PC display. The BM-ET330 can adapt to large and small systems incorporating four key sizes of users: 100, 1000, 3000 or 5000 users (maximum).The system is designed to provide high security. Unauthorized access is prevented buy the encrypting of the iris code/image data. An alarm is triggered if the camera is removed from the wall or front cover is opened and system operators are notified.

The BM-ET330 is compatible with the standard Wiegand interface protocol for access control server allowing the system to be integrated with the existing security system. Unlike other forms of biometrics, the BM-ET330, does not require any form of contact or invasive procedures for identification


The following are available for download

Download Brochure
Panasonic BM-ET300

Panasonic BM-ET330

Download Operting Manual
Panasonic BM-ET300

Panasonic BM-ET330

Software Brochure
Panasonic BM-ES330

Administration Software Installation Manual

Panasonic BM-ES330




• Built-in (COTS) off the Shelf Support for 13.56 MHz HID iClass(tm) Readers

• High Speed Processor - Recognition in 0.8 seconds

• 1,000 Local User Cache, 5,025 User Base Server Capacity

• Wiegand Input and Output - supports 125 KHz Proximity Cards

• Encrypted TCP/IP Interface

• SDK Availability for Custom Integration

• Enhanced RS-485 Interface

• Integrated Analog CCTV Camera - Connect to DVR

• Additional Language Support - Custom Audio prompts

• Built-in Real-time Clock for Time & Attendance Applications

• Supported by a Global Network of Access Control Manufacturers & Solution Providers

• Tamper Proof Design


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