Facial Recognition

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Facial Enterprise Access

Face recognition (in computer vision) can be formulated as a senario where a given still images of a scene, identify or verify one or more persons in the scene using a stored database of stored faces. Three-dimensional face recognition (3D face recognition) is a modality of facial recognition methods in which the three-dimensional geometry of the human face is used.

The main technological limitation of 3D face recognition methods is the acquisition of 3D images, which usually requires a range camera. This is also a reason why 3D face recognition methods have emerged significantly later (in the late 1980s) than 2D methods. Recently commercial solutions have implemented depth perception by projecting a grid onto the face and integrating video capture of it into a high resolution 3D model. This allows for good recognition accuracy with low cost off-the-shelf components


Morpho 3D Face Reader

The Morpho 3D Face Reader™ provides lightning-speed, hands-free access. By analyzing the three-dimensional structure of the user’s face, it achieves extremely accurate matching while ensuring high throughput. Access control is highly secure and as simple as a quick glance!


Suprema Face Station

FaceStation is a dedicated face recognition terminal which provides a perfect combination of convenience and high security. Optimizing Suprema’s renowned biometric technology combined with state-of-the-art hardware that allows fast and accurate access control security


Face Reader - Coming soon

This NEW PRODUCT is a breakthrough innovative product. The new core algorithm and powerful hardware platform ensures the terminal identification speed under 1sec. The advanced infrared light source design enables the terminal to work very well even in total darkness..


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