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A world leader

Originally conceived as a technology project led by Professor Antonio Luque back in 1981, ISOFOTON today is a leader in the photovoltaic sector and a pioneer in the technology and manufacture of photovoltaic modules and cells from silicon wafers. Since its beginnings, ISOFOTON has constantly been at the forefront of new technologies by bringing forward the best Energy Solutions.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to continue to be a global technological leader in the implementation of Solar Energy Solutions based on photovoltaic technology as a clean energy generation alternative that can contribute to human well being in developed countries, while providing less favored countries the opportunity to gain access to higher standards of living, technology and overall progress. ISOFOTON’s sound strategy rests on 7 key values:
>> Manufacturing Efficiency
>> Process and product Innovation
>> Flexibility, to adapt to demands from different markets
>> Experience of over 30 years as industry leaders
>> Guaranteed and proven Quality thanks to our broad experience, the market’s best
>> Personalized and focused Service designed to meet client needs
>> Commitment to sustainable development


Isofoton Solutions

Photovoltaic Modules
ISOFOTON Mono and Multi-crystalline High Efficiency cells with more than 30 years of experience t


Designed to offer the greatest levels of efficiency with the best quality for our clients’ benefit


HCPV solutions continue to represent an innovative and safe bet for harnessing solar energy


Isofoton continue to develop and manufacture it own cell




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