Vein & Palm Scan

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Hand Geometry Recognition

The HandKey utilises field-proven hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a person’s hand all in less than one second. It is ease to use and reliable because your hand is your card, By eliminating cards, you reduce administrative costs while greatly increasing the level of security.


Hand Geometry Reader

Palm Vein Scanner

Palm Scanner is a biometric authentication system that utilizes the latest scientific technology to analyze vein patterns in the palm of your hand. Secure, fast and easy to use. Palm Scanner works by capturing vein patterns with near infrared rays. The vein pattern is then verified against a preregistered pattern to authenticate the individual. Since vein structure is unaffected by age, fitness, weight etc. attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a higher level of security than other access technologies including finger print and iris scanners.


Hand Geometry Recognition

Handkey II
It's design provides the ultimate in system reliability.


HandPunch T&A
Brings the flexibility of a full function time and attendance terminal

Palm Vein

Verifies an individual’s identity by recognizing palm vein patterns


Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System


Multimodel Vein Finger

Morpho Access VP-Series
Multimodal Finger Vein and Fingerprint Technology for Physical Access Control


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