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A compact answer to your renewable energy needs

Good things come in small packages.

Super versatile and durable, UGE’s smallest wind turbine is the perfect solution for off-grid power generation. This unit is ideal for street lights, boats and marine applications, or any location where power needs to be generated on site.

 Standing approximately 1 meter tall, and weighing just 40kg, assembly takes less than 30 minutes and setting the tower and foundation for installation is simple and easy.

The HoYi! starts producing energy in extremely low wind speeds and can withstand hurricanes, making it nearly maintenance free for its entire lifetime.


The following are available for download

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UGE Hoyi BKVA-U200

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UGE Hoyi BKVA-U200

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UGE Hoyi BKVA-U200

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Small, sustainable, and versatile, the HoYi! is perfect for off-grid applications.


The eddy wind turbine epitomizes simplicity and convenience.


eddy GT
eddyGT allows you to sell energy into your electric grid


The powerful yet elegant UGE-4K turbine is the way to go.


Perfect for large-scale commercial applications, UGE-9M makes an impressive environmental statement



Monitoring & Control

Weather Station
Professional weather station is like having a weatherman on your roof


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