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Full Colour RGB LED+ Display

BK LED+ has a full range of Monochrome LED signage. We have displays available in a multitude of pixel pitches and resolutions for your needs. Users will see low power bills and low maintenance cost. They run cool, run green and run longer. BK LED+ displays deliver the power of highly visible outdoor advertising to businesses and organizations of any sizes

P10 Full Colour LED Tab 2 Specifications

Asynchronous Single and Dual Colour Display Card

P10 RED/GREEN/BLUE 32 X 128 Pixels 39 (H) X 135 (L)cm
P10 RED/GREEN/BLUE 64 X 128 Pixels 71(H) X 135 (L)cm

tab 2

under construction


The following are available for download


LED+ SIGN Solutions

Mono / Multi Colour LED
Single LED of Red,Green,Yellow, White & Blue of Multi LEDof Red/Green



Full Colour LED
3 LEDs colour of Red Green and Blue for full colour display messages


Full Colour SMD LED+
SMD Full Colour LED for high quality and custom size billboard or signage


Display Controller
Complete asycn and sync controller with serial, usb and tcp/ip connection


Custom Made LED+ Display
We design customised display LED messages. symbols and logo


Other LED+ Display
latest state of art technological advance LED system solution


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