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SMD LED+ Full Colour


SMD LED+ P10 | 7.62 | P6 SMD LED+ P6 | P5 | P4 SMD LED+

Technical Specification for P10 | P7.62 | P6 Full Colour SMD LED+



Technical Specification for 6 | P5 | P4 Full Colour SMD LED+

BK Full Colour SMD LED+

The Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) is an encapsulated LED that has all three colors of diode in a slim tube that is soldered directly onto a circuit board printed with solder pads instead of having mounting holes drilled into it. SMD diodes can be made smaller and placed closer together since they’re only mounted onto one surface of the board.

SMD diodes have a home-field advantage for interior signage because they can be built to smaller pixel pitches and have an excellent display quality.

The following are available for download


LED+ SIGN Solutions

Mono / Multi Colour LED
Single LED of Red,Green,Yellow, White & Blue of Multi LEDof Red/Green



Full Colour LED
3 LEDs colour of Red Green and Blue for full colour display messages


Full Colour SMD LED+
SMD Full Colour LED for high quality and custom size billboard or signage


Display Controller
Complete asycn and sync controller with serial, usb and tcp/ip connection


Custom Made LED+ Display
We design customised display LED messages. symbols and logo


Other LED+ Display
latest state of art technological advance LED system solution


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